"Peace on Earth" Holiday Postcard
"Peace on Earth" Holiday Postcard

"Peace on Earth" Holiday Postcard


In our humble opinion, the holidays are a time to make things by hand. Crafting and decorating are what it's all about! This postcard was made in that spirit. With it's hand cut letters and glitter, it's sweet and old-fashioned. We love it.

This card is meant for three photos. It cannot be modified for two or four photos...just three.

You can customize the wording on the back. Send us your photos and we will provide a proof with your customizations within 24 hours.

To answer more questions, go to FAQ.

Size: 4.25" x 6"

Printing: 14 pt. premium heavy-duty stock, made from recycled fibers and printed with soy based inks.

Postage: $0.33 Postcard Stamp (you are saving money AND helping the environment by not using an envelope. Kudos to you!)