"Paw Prints" Pet Postcard
"Paw Prints" Pet Postcard

"Paw Prints" Pet Postcard


For anyone who has a dog and lives in the 'burbs, there is a simple truth that cannot be avoided: Dog + Rainy Day = Muddy Paw Prints! This postcard is a reminder that we love their paws in spite of their flaws. 

Customize this postcard with your pet's own name and photo.

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Size: 4.25" x 6"

Printing: Eco-friendly product: Sustainable Forestry certified (SFI) 14 pt. premium heavy-duty stock printed with soy inks. Although this paper does not have a coating (so markers won't smudge), it is not recommended that you write with a Gellyroll Pen.

Postage: $0.32 First Class Postcard Stamp (you are saving money AND helping the environment by not using an envelope. Kudos to you!)