"Patchwork" Holiday Postcard - Red/Green
"Patchwork" Holiday Postcard - Red/Green

"Patchwork" Holiday Postcard - Red/Green


Here at Late Night Cake, we love our quilts. They are cozy bundles of love! When you order this postcard for the holidays, it will give you the same feeling. That toasty, warm, safe feeling you get when your family is all together. It's the best.

This card displays only one photo oriented as a portrait (vertical). We can change the orientation to landscape (horizontal), no problem!

If you love the design but would prefer the card with a different quote, by all means let us know! We can customize this postcard to say what you like, as long as it fits.

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Size: 4.25" x 6"

Printing: SFI certified 12 pt. premium heavy-duty stock, coated with enviro-friendly water-based Aqueous coating (must use a Sharpie when writing on this card or else it could smudge)

Postage: $0.29 First Class Postcard Stamp (you are saving money AND helping the environment by not using an envelope. Kudos to you!)