"Be Yourself" Holiday Postcard - Magenta
"Be Yourself" Holiday Postcard - Magenta

"Be Yourself" Holiday Postcard - Magenta


Be yourself. There is no better message than this. You are unique, you are an original, and there is something that you can do better than any other (even if it is whistling with grapes in your mouth). For this postcard, we suggest that you pick a photo with a bit of humor. Something that shows your family in a way that highlights each of their individual personalities. Everyone who receives this card from you will smile!

You may change the color of the type on the front to coordinate with the colors in your photo.

If you love the design but would prefer the card without the quote, by all means let us know! We can customize this postcard by taking out the quote or adding in one of your own.

To answer more questions, go to FAQ.

Size: 4.25" x 6"

Printing: SFI certified 12 pt. premium heavy-duty stock, coated with enviro-friendly water-based Aqueous coating (must use a Sharpie when writing on this card or else it could smudge)

Postage: $0.29 First Class Postcard Stamp (you are saving money AND helping the environment by not using an envelope. Kudos to you!)