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I love this quote by Catherine M. Wallace.

The range of things my kids talk about with me is vast. My five-year-old asks me questions all day about how old I am, or do I know any real ninjas. My nine-year-old tells me about every inappropriate word uttered on the bus, or who is her new BFF of the week. My twelve-year-old is more quiet. Lately, I catch glimpses of the sullen, sulky teenager that she will inevitably become. But for now she's still thoughtful and carefree, my sweet oldest. This quote reminds me to be present for, and to care about, all of the little questions, drama and complaints of the day...for this is their life!

One thing I do to help me remember is write down all of the funny and wise things that they say. Well, not all...mostly the things I can remember at the end of the week, or month. These journals aren't pretty, that's not what it's about. I often just write on scraps and paste them inside later.

The best part? Looking through their journals when they are just a little bit older and watching them hold their stomachs, water dripping out of their eyes, as they bust with laughter at all of the outrageous and entertaining things they have said.

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