The Easter Egg Illusion

Posted by Barbara Rucci on April 08, 2012 0 Comments

I woke up yesterday, two days before Easter, with a feeling of dread. It was time to dye the Easter eggs. I had put it off long enough and I knew it was now or never. I have never been good at this project, but why? I was determined to start fresh, remembering the hideous eggs we had dyed last year. This time our eggs would be photo worthy.

Grace and I started with the natural food colors. I admit I didn't do too much research on methods, but how hard could it be? I boiled some pots of water and sprinkled in some spices. Turmeric for yellow, paprika for rust, and some beets for red. Immediately I knew things weren't right. Maybe I should have read all of those posts on Pinterest instead of just diving in. The spices didn't melt, they were all clumpy. And the beets, well it turns out that boiling them actually takes the color out! We ended up with a few yellow eggs, one gray egg, and one white egg. So much for that. 

I dumped out the pots of water, washing away any evidence of my mishap. I had a trump card in my back pocket! I had gone to Michael's and bought six boxes of RIT dye. I was so excited to show Grace, and mix some amazing colors! But where was the bag from Michael's? Twenty minutes later, with all the kids now awake (plus a sleepover friend), I had to give up. Now what?

I stomped down to the basement. I dug in the Easter box and found four old packs of PAAS dye packs from the grocery store. It had come down to this, again. I felt unprepared and defeated.

We boiled some water and the kids split the packets into the muffin tins. Nate burned his finger as I poured in the water, and I filled the cups up too high. The kids dumped in the eggs and the color spilled out, contaminating each other. We took out the eggs and they were somehow covered with a sticky, waxy goop. What was this stuff, and which expired packet did it come from? We couldn't get it off our hands. I sent Ava to the basement to look for the Goo Gone. We all took turns spraying chemicals on our hands, rinsing and scrubbing away more evidence.

The kids ran upstairs to play a game and I was left with a mess, and three dozen un-dyed eggs. The doorbell rang, it was the Alarm Company. They spent twenty minutes testing my alarm system. It works now. As the house rang out "Fire, Fire, please leave immediately!", I finished dying the eggs alone. I took the Perfect Easter Egg photo. They look pretty, don't they? Now you know, it's all an illusion.

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