I Know What You Put in That Brownie

Posted by Barbara Rucci on November 20, 2011 1 Comment

I can no longer fool my kids. I've been hiding flax seeds in brownies and calling fish sticks chicken for years. They are on to me now, and just in the nick of time. I recently read that experts say it's a bad idea to sneak healthy food into your kids' diet. They say it will lead to obesity because it teaches a child that brownies are a healthy snack. Sorry, Jessica Seinfeld, but your idea is so yesterday.

My own mother didn't bother to hide anything. She was the nuttiest health nut around when we were growing up. She still is. I remember waiting for the bus in first grade and there was my mother, literally shoving a giant spoonful of cod liver oil into our mouths. At lunchtime, I would open my sandwich and find bean sprouts inside my thick, dark brown bread. Sometimes she would butter the bread as a special treat.

Now that I'm all grown up, I cannot believe what she did to us! My kids don't know how lucky they really are (even though I make sure to tell them at breakfast, lunch and dinner). But I will admit, other than a small lapse in judgement in college, I have maintained a very healthy lifestyle. Without the nutty.

I will no longer hide healthy food. I am coming clean with my kids, starting with brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving. Unlike my eight-year old self who apparently didn't have the guts to utter Cookie Monster's choice words, I have no doubt that my own kids will let me know what they think. 

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Posted by Sarina on November 27, 2011

My mom was like yours! I too had cod liver oil-it was gross. And a warm egg yolk with a dash of salt for flavor (ha!) mixed in a cup and spoofed to me! It’s beacause of years of that cod liver oil though, that our creative brains are on overdrive all the time!!!!! :)

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