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Posted by Barbara Rucci on September 24, 2011 0 Comments

I am always thinking up new ideas. My husband, who is usually my biggest supporter, just recently told me that I have to stop saying, "I have a great idea!" It's wearing him out. I might as well say, "I thought of a new color!". I know how he feels. It's sort of like when he says, "That's what she said", after everything I say. But I'm alright with it. I will never stop, and neither will he.

The part I love most about thinking up new businesses is giving them a name. Let me explain Late Night Cake. I am a mom of three kids. They are not mellow or even that agreeable. They are creative, and along with that comes plenty of singing, loud music and "lively debate". I really do enjoy being with them so that's what I do most of the time. But I also love my job. I have been a graphic designer for 13 years. I've come to realize that if I want my cake and eat it too, I really just have to stay up all night. Get it?

I'm calling this blog Tea Time. Again, with the food, but it's actually a perfect fit. Growing up in Holland, tea time was the one and only occasion that my health-nut of a mother would give us a sweet. It was a dry digestive biscuit, but we loved it anyway. We dipped it into our tea and it would melt in our mouthes, all warm and mushy. It's a fond memory and I'll use this blog as a place to write about the triumphs of working moms, like me.

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